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Thank you to all the old friends we saw over the season and all the new ones we hope to see again.

We’re on winter hours now, which means we’re not keeping regular hours but we’re here most of the time. Please give us a call and we’ll set up a time to welcome you. We still have a good selection of red, white and specialty wines.

With the intense heat of last summer and the fires, we were asked every day what the effect would be on the grapes and wine. Now we can say with authority that the wine from 2021 grapes is unbelievably rich.  The heat kept berry size small and that concentrated the flavours in the juice and the result has been beautifully balanced but really intense wines. We can hardly wait until you taste them. Also, a little smoke from last year’s fires seems to have added a new layer  to the Foches. So good with barbecue.

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