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Winding Down

Closed the week of Nov. 1-5

We have to go to Montreal for an exciting new venture on the publishing side of our business.

However, we’ll be open after that until the end of the month to sell out the last of our inventory. It’s been a successful, gratifying year and we thank all the folks who came to visit for making it such a memorable experience.

There’s some Foch, Cabernet and Port left and lots of Ortega, which was supposed to last well into next year but won’t. Come and stock up for Christmas before we run out.

Grapes this year were magnificent and our selection will be much the same next year as this. We’ll have a lot more of the Foch flavours that were so popular this year and sold out before summer.

Grapes are crushed and most of the wine is fermented and pressed. We’ll be done with all that after we get back from Montreal.

Thanks for a great year and we’ll get some beautiful fall shots of the vineyard up soon.

Then, by early December we’ll be on our way to warmer climes while the wine rests over the winter.

We’ll start bottling in March. See you then and have a great winter.