Open Daily 10-5.

Until our new facility is ready, we are offering tastings in our home. Yep, it is a house but the front corner is reserved for our winery guests. So don’t be shy or think you’re intruding. We are happy to welcome you into our home for some lovely wines made on the premises from grapes grown on the property. See you soon.

We are happy to see you at the home winery every day from 10-5 but we also attend the Kingfisher Farmers’ Market at Mabel Lake every Wednesday, Vernon Farmers’ Market on Thursday, Enderby on Friday and Armstrong and Revelstoke on Saturday. Our wine is also available at the ARC Liquor Store in Vernon. It’s north across the parking lot from Walmart by Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

This year’s wine is all bottled and it’s lovely. We’ve added a rosé made from Marechal Foch we’re calling Fresh Foch and it’s phenomenol. All the other favourites loved the extended warm weather last fall and they are delightful.

Please note we’ve already sold out of Whatever, Ortega, and Argus. Because of the warm weather this spring and summer, whites and rosés were in high demand but we still have two rosés left (Fresh Foch and White Malbec), five lovely reds, a sweet white and port-like red we call Overboard.

Please let us know if you’d like to bring your dog inside. We sometimes have a dog in the house and we just have to secure her in another room while guests’ dogs are here.

Hope to see you soon.

     More information,  call 250-546-2164

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